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Spider Solitaire

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Play the card game Spider Solitaire. It is a very popular single player solitaire/patience card game. It is played using two packs of playing cards without jokers, for a total of 104 cards.The objective of the game is to move the cards into columns of the same suit in descending order, for example King down to Ace of Spades. The column of cards that make the run are then removed from the tableau. The game is completed when all eight suits have been removed.
The first 54 cards are dealt into a tableau of 10 columns and The top card is turned face up. The remaining 50 cards are placed in a stock pile. These can then be dealt 10 cards at a time, one into each column when no more moves are available.
Any card can be placed onto a card that is one rank higher in value, regardless of suit. However, only cards that are the same suit can be moved together as a group (unless changed in the game settings).
Any card can be placed into an empty space.
The following game settings are available:Difficulty- Easy (One suit)- Intermediate (Two suits)- Hard (Four suits)
Move card groups rule- Same suit groups- Same colour groups- Mixed colour groups
For improved game play on smaller screens the game can be zoomed in using a pinch to zoom gesture.
The game also supports both drag and drop for moving cards and click to select, then click to place.